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Charlotte's First Black/Women-Owned Skating Rink!

It's a hot topic among the people who want to know about the first Black-Owned, Women-Owned Skating Rink in Charlotte, North Carolina. All the people want to know the details about it. Please don't panic! We have covered you. This article is all about the information and details of the First Black-Owned, Women-Owned Skating Rink in Charlotte, NC. Let's get deeper!

Rollin' CLT - Explained

Everyone dreams big; the three black women (Brandi, Kendria, and Sh' Niqua) also dreamt big in Charlotte, NC. Having an all-in-all skating rink and a beautiful lounge was the goal of three black women and also known as Rollin' Clt. Do you know where these women get the idea to build the skating rink? Don't worry! We will share all the necessary details with you.

Before making their dream come true, Kendria once thought that the Charlotte-Metro area lacked the spots, especially for the adults and millennial enjoyment. Skating was also a great way of entertainment for both adults and children in the past. So, it was a great time to create such a superb environment that encompassed adults and children.

Kendria was the first who started working on the project to make their idea a reality for the people's entertainment. In 2017, she met Brandi Fox in the incubator labs programs by City Startup. After having a good conversation, Brandi showed her passion and love for Kendria, her lounge idea, and the rolling rink. Unfortunately, they were only two, and their idea was delayed by fate.

After three years, Sh'niqa Ussery and two others met again and discussed the rink. Remember that Brander and Sh'niqua were already best friends. Sh'nique also took it as a great idea that could prosper in Charlotte. They had a group meeting after that about that innovative idea.

Finally, things started happening, and the Rollin' Clt dream team was created in September 2020. Due to the amazing personalities of Brandi, Kendria, and Sh'niqua, Rollin' Clt got started as an all-exclusive outdoor skating rink. In the same way, Rollin' Clt mortar and brick are also going to launch in the near future (September 2022) in the University area. This idea is to boost the entertainment for both the adults and the children.

Service at Rollin' Clt

It's necessary to know what you can enjoy at Rollin' Clt if you are planning to visit that awesome place. Rollin' Clt is offering two major services nowadays that are mentioned in the following:

Rollin Mobile Parties

Rollin' Clt has added the mobile skating party as another way to have fun but don't forget to bring your skating rink with you. It's perfect for house parties, school fundraisers, corporate events, birthday parties, and more.

Rollin Skating Lessons

If you are a skating enthusiast, Rollin' Clt might be your ideal choice. You can take skating lessons from an expert skating instructor with more than 10 years of experience at the Charlotte skating rink. In short, they are offering everything that you need to get started to start your skating journey.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Rollin' Clt is one of the best and most attractive places to have fun in Charlotte, NC. We have shared all the significant details and facts about the first black-owned, women-owned skating rink in Charlotte. If you expect, you will find this information helpful. If you are planning to visit Charlotte in the near future, give this place a try. We assure you won't regret your experience.

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