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501 3-course

  • 8 module course that shows you step by step how to start a non-profit. 

  • Step by step on how to get your 501c3 letter. 

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Government Contracting Course

  • This course will prepare you for Government Contracting. 

  • Teach you the beginning stages of Government Contracting.

  • Paperwork necessary to start bidding on the contract. 

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Business Credit Course

  • Step by step on how to get approved for business credit. 

  • Paperwork necessary to get approved.

  • The different vendors credit to get approved with first. 


Digital Magazine

  • Women In Power magazine.

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Book A One On One Call With Me!
$150 an hour

  • Business one on one coaching with Trina Boyd.

  • Talk about anything you need to talk about as it pertains to your business. 

  • Help grow or start a business. 

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Viral Tik Tok 

  • How to go viral on Tik Tok recording.

  • The techniques that I taught in this class shows you exactly how Donna was able to go viral and land it on Oprah Daily!