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Trina Boyd Is Running For County Commissioner At-Large!

Do you know what is “Passion and Leadership?” It’s a motto of Trina Boyd’s election campaign who is running for county commissioner At-Large!

Trina Boyd, a pillar in the community for small business owners and an advocate for women in business, has formally announced her candidacy in the upcoming Election!

"Economic opportunity for small businesses and helping the homeless population in our county will be top priority!" Trina Boyd says.

Note that education, economic growth, and affordable housing are Boyd’s top agendas.

Trina Boyd is a devout Christian. Her father served in the United States Army. Her humble upbringing instilled in her the value of laborious effort in all she does. She is now married to a retired combat veteran of the United States Army who served for 12 years. They have 3 kids.

Trina Boyd has been a Palisades Park Elementary PTSA Vice President in the past. For 7 years, she has been running her small business setup in Mecklenburg. Not only that, but she is also working as an advocate for women in business. The problems Boyd intends to address as County Commissioner At-Large are listed below:

Boyd has big aims regarding the education sector. She says she knows a lot of the education system's current issues; however, her main agenda is student security. She added, "I will continue to offer suggestions for enhancements to the county's work in this area."

Moreover, Boyd plans to bring financial stability to the county to promote trade education. On this, she says, "Helping and supporting to increase financing for programs that teach children in high schools and middle schools how to learn trades will be one of several changes." Further, she elaborated, "I intend to devise innovative ways to assist small businesses in providing services to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools through their vendor services program, which will benefit both schools and the economy."

As a 7-year Mecklenburg County business owner, Boyd understands the challenges other entrepreneurs face when beginning and running a company. According to her, the most significant challenge is obtaining funds. Therefore, Boyd intends to fully support initiatives to enhance funding for minority small businesses through the Business Investment Grant program. In this regard, she says, "I plan to come up with innovating strategies to expand small businesses' prospects to conduct business with large corporations."

Boyd also acknowledges the affordable housing crisis in Mecklenburg county. She intends to fully support the expansion of affordable housing through efforts to support both existing and new groups dedicated to addressing the affordable housing crisis. Boyd says, "I intend to devise a novel approach to increasing affordable housing in the county."

Lastly, as a County Commissioner At-Large, Boyd proposes to take on the challenge of finding a creative solution to help tent city find a more permanent solution. "Through our community service grants program, which focuses on assisting the homeless, I intend to broaden our financing reach to non-profits," says Boyd.

Boyd has big plans for Mecklenburg County. She aims to develop and bring innovations in the county's education, economy, housing schemes departments, and overall infrastructure.

For your and your kids’ better future, support Trina Boyd and let her bring more stability and prosperity to Mecklenburg County. "For The People"

To support Trina Boyd's Campaign, visit her website below:


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