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    April/May Magazine issue
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  • Non-Profit 501c3

    Perfect for individuals who want to start a non-profit
    • Shows you how to get your non-profit on the state level
    • Shows you how to get your 501c3 letter on the federal level
    • You learn how to do your by-laws
    • You will get a template for doing your mission template
  • Business Credit

    Pre-Order For the Business Credit Course
    • Unlimited online modules
    • Teach you how to build business credit
    • Get approved for business credit
  • 1 Hour of Coaching

    Great to just ask any questions you may have
    • 1 hour of coaching with Trina
  • Government Contract

    Perfect for women wanting to get into Government Contracting
    • Preparing you for Government Contracting
  • Viral Tik Tok Course

    Learn the secret to going viral on Tik Tok

    Women In Power